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    Mobile homes
    from Lacroma House


Short lead

Best materials


Live close to nature in a home adapted to your needs.

Our homes are ready to use within only a few hours after arriving at the customer’s plot. We actually eliminate time-consuming and troublesome construction. Our main goal is to provide top comfort of use on the basis of high-quality materials.

Home ready in one day
Modern design
Finished interior
Kitchen furnishing included

Production technology

Thanks to our long-lasting experience, relevant technical facilities and experienced team, we are able to complete the entire home construction stage in one place. We guarantee high quality of production throughout the process. We are one of few companies that uses own structural lumber, marked with CE certificate, to build our homes.

Mobile homes prove perfect if you wish to have your own home and simultaneously avoid the struggle against construction.

Kasia - Warszawa

You can move in the mobile home the same day you purchase it.

Michał - Gdańsk

A mobile home lets us live close to nature, in virtually any place on earth, with no need to resign from comfort.

Marta - Kraków

Mobile homes – Premium collection

Mobile homes – Basic collection