Steel frame

The foundation of all our homes is a durable steel frame which thanks to well-selected sections and high-quality manufacture serves as a stable base of any home. As the frame is solid, transportation of homes is fully safe for the structure and stability.

Structural lumber C24

As one of few companies, we use our own C24 luber that proves solid and guarantees durable structure. We have our own wood treatment line, and the quality of our goods is appreciated by domestic and European enterprises.

Thermal / damp insulation

When it comes to thermal insulation of our homes, we use a 15-cm-thick rock wool. We apply this insulation in walls, flooring and ceiling. For the purposes of proper flow of water steam that is crucial in timber-frame building, we adopt top-quality active vapor barrier which secures the structure and creates a friendly micro-climate inside the house.

Resysta composite board

The facade in Premium models is based on the unique composite board – Resysta. Unique features of Resysta composite arise from its composition: 60% of rice hulls, 22% of salt and 19% of mineral oil. Resysta does not absorb water, which means no degradation risk. These boards are waterproof and durable, thus perform well in any climate.

High-quality finishing materials