Model Manu

  • Powierzchnia: 37,5m2 lub 48m2
  • Wymiar: 3,67 x 10,2 [m] lub 4 x 12 [m]

Rzut domku 48 m2

Wariant G1

Wariant G2

Wariant G3

Wariant G4

Rzut domku 37,5 m2

Wariant G1

Wariant G2


  • a home frame made of steel sections with anti-corrosion protection
  • additional protection of home bottom with a flat sheet
  • a supporting structure made of certified wood C24, structural pieces with a section of 4,5 x 15 [cm]
  • inner coating with OSB-3 boards, and waterproof plywood.


  • a vapor barrier (vapor retarder),
  • a wind-breaker foil
  • wall, floor and ceiling insulation – rock wool 15 [cm] thick
  • PVC windows (tilt-turn windows, a sliding window in the living room)

Exterior finishing

  • Facade – Vifront vinyl siding
  • Roofing – steel roofing tiles
  • Guttering
  • Facade lamps

Interior finishing

  • Flooring – vinyl panels
  • White PVC skirting boards
  • Walls – MDF wall paneling, Krono Wall Design panels, waterproof VELL wall paneling in the bathroom
  • Ceiling – MDF wall paneling
  • White interior door


  • Heating – electric heaters
  • A 65-l boiler assuring domestic hot water, equipped with a WiFi module
  • A 230V electric wiring system, a connection box
  • Water and sewer installation
  • Gravity ventilation, mechanical ventilation in the bathroom
  • Possible to install an air conditioner
  • A washing machine terminal
  • Sockets, on/off switches
  • Full home illumination


  • A fully equipped kitchenette – fridge, dishwasher, oven, induction cooktop, ventilation hood
  • Bathroom equipment – lavatory, shower cubicle, washbasin, LED mirror, boiler, „ladder-type” electric heater

Full finish of the facade and interior

The façade of the Basic series models is made of durable and weather-resistant Vifront vinyl siding. The interior is finished with only high-quality vinyl panels and MDF panels.

Heating - electric heaters

The whole house is equipped with modern and efficient electric convector heaters, ensuring comfortable use.

Kitchen furniture with equipment

Every home is equipped with full kitchen furniture together with such appliances as fridge, dishwasher, heating plate, oven and ventilation hood.

Fully equipped bathroom

Every home comes with a complete bathroom, supplied with all pieces of equipment. To make sure the home is fully useful, you only need to connect utilities.

External lighting

Mounted facade sconces create a unique and exceptional atmosphere, making our houses a perfect place to spend free time.

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